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Curds & Whey – March 2009

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Autumn News

The regular rhythm of autumn arrives at Alexandrina Cheese, Mt Jagged, South Australia.

Hello from Alexandrina Cheese,

We are back at the Willunga Farmers Market this Saturday 7th March 2009 (read on further...!)

We all enjoy the days get shorter, as the sun sets in beautiful colour, as the crisp apples & pears are in season, and it is when our herd of Jersey cows begin their autumn calving. Amongst all of the normal autumnal action, we all know that autumn calving means converting fresh Jersey milk into the Alexandrina factory for processing our handmade cheeses & luxury dairy products. “Blessed are the cheese makers” we continue to exclaim!

We are all thrilled to have seen rain finally fall onto the farm this week, none happier than all of the other farmers in the district. It has been a long, hot and dry summer for everyone on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, and many other parts of Australia. Our thoughts are with all of those in Victoria, and our son/brother who has relocated to the Goulburn Valley this year. I am sure we are all glad that the moist and cool autumn days have arrived. We still have plenty of time before winter in front of us, and as always the more moisture the better from our perspective.

We are all enjoying the change of season and noticing the days getting shorter. For us, these shorter days mean early starts to get the morning milking finished, the numerous jobs which keep us busy during the daylight hours, both in the cheese room and the Jersey herd has started the autumn drop of baby Jersey calves. By the time we know it is quickly time to head inside to get the house warm, and feed the family.

These shorter days mean nothing better to us that an increase in milk yield as the fresh cows enter the dairy, and leave us with an enormous amount of rich, creamy milk. It is this milk, this beautiful autumn milk, that is just the best for cheese-making with its high percentage of butterfat and protein. Thanks for your patronage over the last year, we look forward to seeing you again at Easter time, or during Winter, Spring and Summer 2009. Enjoy the leaves falling, and eating the best cheeses of the year at this time.

Regards, Rebekah McCaul

Willunga Farmers Market Logo

Autumn is here, and we are back at the Willunga Farmers Market –
every fortnight!

We venture out for our first market of the year on Saturday 7th March 2009. That is this Saturday! Hours are 8am until 12:30pm. See you there bright and early!

We will have all the usual favorites at our stall, including Pure Jersey Cream, Crème Fraiche, Fresh Ricotta, Full Cream Jersey Milk, and all the hard cheeses – Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Feta, Pepato. If you have forgotten what they taste like, head over to our stall “At Meat Street / Dairy Lovers Lane” and find the tasting bench to refresh your memory. We share a stall with Mt Compass Venison, so be sure to dwell for a chat with Judith while you are at the market.

Come and see us!

If you can’t make the market, please remember that Alexandrina Cheese is open our regular weekend hours 10am-4:30pm, as well as daily opening hours from 12noon-5pm. There seems to be no excuse not to eat local this week!

Visit us at

Be sure to find our “Cheese of the Season” published in our enews, each season.

We have selected our cheese of the season, and it is our Finniss River Romano. This cheese is aged for 12-15mths. It is best used shaved or grated on savoury foods. It goes brilliantly with all the ripe, red tomatoes which are available at the moment. We admit that it is perfect as a Table Romano, just cut it with a sharp knife and eat it with fresh bread for lunches.

Alexandrina Cheese will be at the wonderful
Willunga Farmers Market in 2009 – every fortnight!

Dates - Autumn is here!
This Saturday 7th March 2009 & Saturday 21st March 2009
Saturday 11th April 2009 (Easter) & Saturday 25th April 2009
Saturday 9th May 2009 & Saturday 23rd May 2009

Dates - Winter on the way!
Saturday 6th June 2009 (Queen’s Birthday) & Saturday 20th June 2009
Saturday 4th July 2009 & Saturday 18th July 2009
(away Saturday 1st August 2009)
Saturday 8th August 2009 & Saturday 22nd August 2009

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Have you got this season’s recipe from Alexandrina Cheese?

Celebrate the new season with this lovely cake, and enjoy a slice of very juicy Apple Torte.

Try this recipe, using our Traditional Jersey Ricotta; made with whey from cheese processing, skim milk, fresh lemon juice. This Very Juicy Apple Torte is wonderful to share with friends over the weekend, and a couple of pieces may even last into the early week for a treat after dinner (don’t forget the tub of Pure Jersey Cream!).


Ingredients for the base:
300 gm Self Raising Flour, 150g butter, 150 g sugar, 1 egg
Rub butter into flour until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add sugar and egg, mixing well. Spread two-thirds of the mixture into a greased spring form pan.

Ingredients for the filling:

500gm apples peeled & sliced (Alexandrina apples if possible!), 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1⁄4 teaspoon cinnamon, 3 eggs, 100g sugar, rind of lemon, 500gm Alexandrina Traditional Jersey Ricotta, 40 g semolina.

Method for this cake:
Place apples, 1 T sugar, cinnamon and vanilla into a saucepan and simmer until apples are tender, approximately six minutes. Beat eggs and 100g sugar until foamy. Add lemon rind, ricotta cheese and semolina. Strain excess juice from apples and spread on top of crumb base. Top with cheese mixture. Sprinkle remaining flour mixture over the cheese. Bake at 180 C fir approximately 1 hour. Turn off oven and allow torte to cool in over for ten minutes.

Newsflash! – National recognition for Pepato

Dan and Krystyna McCaul received an exciting certificate in February 2009. Our James Flat Pepato received the prestigious title of Finalist in the 2009 Australian Grand Dairy Awards! Five of our products were able to sit on the judging table among Australia’s best cheeses and dairy products. The selection is made from the Gold Medal products won at the South Australian Dairy Awards held each year in September. This year we had the most products entered including Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar, Encounter Bay Edam, James Flat Pepato, Marinated Feta (chilli) and the Pure Jersey Cream. In November 2008 a panel of expert judges tasted over 360 dairy products. The AGDA celebrate quality, excellence and innovation in Australian dairy produce. Medal and finalists provides national recognition that your product is the ‘Best of the Best’ and is a way for consumers to identify product that are of superior quality and excellent taste. We were thrilled with the result, and happy to see the Pepato receive this recognition. Be sure to pick up a big piece of Pepato from any of our Stockists (click here for information on How to Buy?).

Alexandrina Pepato Cheese image

Easter Hampers – along with wonderful Easter Picnics, Easter buns and Easter bonnets...

Alexandrina Easter Hampers image

What better way to enjoy the Easter weekend than with the fridge stocked with hard cheeses. Orders are open now for gorgeous gift wrapped Easter Hampers from Alexandrina Cheese Company. For Easter, we have three special Easter Hampers available – Ploughman’s, Queen’s& King’s Hampers. Each hamper will include a special edition NEW Alexandrina Cooler Bag, with printed logo, and it will be full of hard cheeses. For more information about Easter Hampers please click on Details & Booking Forms our website or contact the factory (Krystyna or Rebekah) for a brochure on T 85549666. Last delivery for Easter Hampers on Thursday April 9th 2009.

A little bit of fun at Alexandrina Cheese!

2008 ended with a fantastic effort from all the team at Alexandrina Cheese in the Victor Harbor Christmas Parade on the 13th December 2008. Cloudy sky, light rain and wind did not prevent us from having a fantastic time. We organized a float to represent the theme “Hey diddle, diddle!, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun, and the dish ran away with the spoon.

Thank you to all the staff, family, friends and a few “ring-ins” for your help. We had so much help with concept, design, costumes, and the performance – quite an amazing production.

A special thanks to Helen for dressing as the dish! It all went off with a bang, and was such buzz walking down the very busy main street of Victor Harbor.

This is the second year we have taken a float down the street, and if anyone can think of another nursery rhyme, we start planning in November 2009! See you at the end of the year for more fun in the sun!

Fun times and events at Alexandrina Cheese

At Alexandrina we had a great year in 2008, and we hope that 2009 brings the same fortune to all of our customers, visitors, friends and family. Keep in touch with our website or phone for a chat on T 8554 9666.

As always, we appreciate your support and enthusiasm!
See you on Saturday at WFM, or any day of the week at Alexandrina Cheese Company!

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