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Autumn March 2010

WELCOME … from Rebekah

Hi all,

It has been a simply glorious start to the year, and such a buzz with all the events and festivals in South Australia. Around the Mt Jagged district the weather in autumn is usually dry, warm and balmy during the daytime, and temperate in the start of the evening. We can really feel the cool chill starting to venture through the valley in the Upper Currency Creek catchment. Luckily, we have even had a sprinkle of rain at the start of March. Not the official break, we are waiting (fingers crossed) for that later on in April. This rain of course, will kick start our lush green clover pastures straight into the long winter ahead! Plenty of green for the jersey herd to eat here at Alexandrina.

A heifer named Nigella!

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to purchase a pedigree jersey calf from a neighbour, and she was quickly named, Nigella. She was such a cute calf! Please see the photograph above as Nigella, is now a full grown heifer 24 mths. At present, she is waiting patiently to have her first calf…any day now! I will be sure to update you with photographs, once she calves in the next few weeks. Jerseys are particularly renowned for their easy-calving, and we are sure to keep a close eye on her at all times. Once she calves she will enter the dairy as a new milking cow – and she will hopefully give 15-20 litres of full cream jersey milk. The new calf will be reared here on the farm, drinking two bottles of warm milk twice per day, and in two successive years, she will go into the herd as a milking cow. Hence, the natural cycle of the dairy farm continues.

Name a Jersey!

In the next few weeks - we will need a name for Nigella’s calf, so the bets are on here at the farm to whether it will be Maggie or Delia, or if you have a good idea for a suitable name, please email, [e: nameajersey@alexandrinacheese.com.au];

Also - you will now conveniently see the new column “In the Season … Autumn”. The quick links include, Product of the season, Stockist of the season, Regional Stockist of the season, New stockists … It is so hard to narrow this down, see the full Stockists List. We always love to share our favourite divine dairy cook up with a Recipe of the season. If you have any suggestions or you would like to email any information, please do this by emailing Rebekah info@alexandrinacheese.com.au.

Enjoy autumn leaves, crisp apples, fresh jersey ricotta and orange sunsets,
With a cheesey grin, Rebekah McCaul

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Fiddles on the Farm Sunday March 21 2010Fiddles on the Farm – Sunday March 21 2010
(Download flyer PDF icon PDF 2.9 MB)
Fiddles on the Farm
third Sunday of each month in 2010)

This year, we have enthusiastically launched our exciting regular Fiddles on the Farm concert series for 2010. Please feel free to join us for live music at the next concert on SUNDAY 21 March 2010, the last two concerts have been flaming good musical fun! This weekend we are featuring folk musicians “The Ryebuck Sheilas” who pull together five talented Fleurieu Peninsula based folk artists to play a sweep of traditional folk songs, music to start after noon. Join us for a lazy Sunday afternoon, partake in a ploughman’s lunch, and enjoy a glass of local wine or sip on a bottle of Premium South Australian Ozzie Cider. A great day out, FREE entry, please book a table T 8554 9666.

Please keep April 18th 2010 in your diary for the next Fiddles on the Farm, third Sunday of the month! We are taking bookings well ahead of schedule including Sunday May 16th 2010, Sunday June 20th 2010 and Sunday July 18th 2010 – be sure to come along and dance the jig!

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Bluebell Cow Egg-Hunt – Sunday April 4 2010
(Download flyer PDF icon PDF 180 MB)

Easter is just around the corner and this year we want to see lots of our favourite families stomping around “The Cheesery” garden from our annual Bluebell Cow Egg Hunt. Be sure to head down to Alexandrina Cheese on Sunday 4th April 2010, around 2pm. Make a quick note that we are open every day over the Easter break, except Good Friday.

Easter hampers to tempt the cheese and chocolate lover!

Easter hampers to tempt
the cheese and chocolate lover!

Christmas Hampers

Easter Hamper Flyer (PDF 486 KB) PDF icon
Easter Hamper Details (PDF 81 KB) PDF icon
Hamper Order Form (PDF 67 KB) PDF icon

During Autumn, we love to find our kitchen full of autumn cheeses and dairy products to cook up a storm for family and friends who visit over the long weekend, and during the April School holidays. This Easter we have designed a new set of Easter hampers to tempt the cheese and chocolate lover!

Cheese lovers - simply click on the Cheese Hamper pdfs above to find more information.

Chocolate lovers - if you are interested in adding chocolate to your cheese hamper. Chocolate additions include; Kennedy & Wilson Easter eggs (milk, dark and white) individually priced per egg. We also have Lindt Chocolates in stock (these are great with coffee!), Dark chocolate and Mint chocolate high quality Lindor balls are individually priced per ball (50c each) or 8 balls for $3. Please ask for more information about the addition of chocolate in your cheese hamper.

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K&W eggs

K&W ChocolatesWe are stocking Kennedy & Wilson

Are you looking for Easter eggs? Go no further for the perfect family gifts, find dark, milk and white chocolate gifts at Alexandrina Cheese Company.

This Easter, we are stocking Kennedy & Wilson range of premium handmade couveture chocolate. We are stocking K&W because their range is beautiful to the eye and the month. Available for the month of March and April.

  • unique -australia's only handmade couveture chocolate
  • satiny smooth - ingredients conched (ground and blended) for at least 72 hours
  • rich flavour - chocolate that tastes of chocolate, not just of sugar
  • simple elegant packaging - perfect for gifts or the dinner table
  • high cocoa content - even the milk chocolate is 48% cocoa
  • selective - exclusively available through our premium store (not big supermarkets)

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SA Special Easter Tasting at David Jones, next week

If you work in Adelaide, be sure to pop into David Jones next Wednesday and Thursday (12noon-2pm) for a taste of some of our cheeses. On Wednesday 31st March 2010 and Thursday 1st April 2010 you have the chance to taste the difference! The range stocked at David Jones includes our Crème Fraiche, Encounter Bay Edam, Mt Magnificent Gouda, spiced, Mt Magnificent Gouda, Mt Jagged Red Wax Cheddar and Black Wax Cheddar. See you at the cheese counter!

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Annual Whisky & Cheese Appreciation –
Saturday May 29 2010

Upcoming events include our Annual Whisky & Cheese Appreciation – again James Buntin will present the Luxury of Time on Saturday 29th May 2010, at 6pm sharp. Bookings for this event will be available by email info@alexandrinacheese.com.au or phoning T 85549666. There is a limit to 30 participants.

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Rebekah skims the cream in Queensland

I have just been lucky enough to visit south west Queensland, on a Young Farmers trip with seven other young dairy farmers from South Australia. We attended an absolutely fantastic conference titled “Skimming the Cream - Climate Change Forum”. This was held in Brisbane along with 90 other young farmers from Queensland. The South Australian participants were split into groups among the many young banana benders!

It was such an honour to be chosen. This was a truly fantastic experience to be surrounded by both such an amazing group of proactive young farmers. Furthermore it was great to listen to a qualified panel of industry speakers who offered their experience and expertise. Some of the questions raised included, what will the next 20 years bring? How will our farms change? What effect will climate change have on the dairy industry and our businesses? As a collective, we have realized that there are no simple answers to these complex questions.

The forum, was led by high energy and innovative facilitator, Mr David Stanfield (David supports only half a beard, he claims it saves him half the time to shave in the morning!), and gave each of us an opportunity to find out about all the stuff we didn’t know on climate change and the implications for our business and the industry. We participated in high impact discussions and presentations on topics including water resource management, business profitability, and how climate change policy may change the face of dairying over the next 20 years.

The most enjoyable part for me was meeting with Strategic Futurist, Mr Marcus Barber, challenged our thinking and stimulated discussion on how dairying will be in the future. Marcus was one of many industry experts who helped us explore the issues to identify the challenges, embrace the opportunities that we will ultimately face over the next 12mths to 20 years? The forum culminated with a delicious dinner, and speakers Paul Rodderick and Paul Judge. Hopefully, this crucial strategic planning by the next generation means will create some positive developments in our climate, our farms and our future.

What’s more is I was able to drive the hire car with three other young dairy farmers to the Darling Downs, retracing some of Dad’s country – MacLagan near the Bunya Mountains, Ramsay near Toowoomba and I saw the sign to Dalby! The trip was quick, and it highlights how much of Australia there is left to see. To learn about the McCaul Family History click on About us.

In this Issue:

WELCOME ... from Rebekah
Fiddles on the Farm – Sunday March 21 2010
Bluebell Cow Egg-Hunt – Sunday April 4 2010
Easter hampers to tempt the cheese
   and chocolate lover!
We are stocking Kennedy & Wilson
A special Easter Tasting at David Jones, next week
Annual Whisky & Cheese Appreciation –
   Saturday May 29 2010
In the Season…Autumn
Product of the season - Crème Fraiche
Stockist of the season - Viva North Adelaide
Stockist of the season - Carousel’s Fruit Barn
Regional stockist of the season - Tanunda Foodland
New stockists
Recipe of the season - Divine Palak Paneer
Rebekah skims the cream in Queensland
Jazz with Janet and Jerseys a success!

In the Season … Autumn

Product of the Season
Crème Fraiche

Creme Fraiche, cheese of the Season

Crème Fraiche is an Alexandrina product that everyone sits well on the top shelf in every fridge! The luxuriant texture and delicate flavour of our Crème Fraiche lends itself beautifully to savoury and sweet dishes alike. Try it, and remember it has a long best before date – so it stores well in the refrigerator.

Crème fraiche - shhh… it is the new posh word for delicate and delicious sour cream. Recently a few celebrity chefs’ on television have referred to Crème Fraiche. But many of our customers shout, what is this crème fraiche? We simply offer our customers to taste the difference. “mmmm Crème fraiche….delicious, food for the soul’.

At the Alexandrina Cheese we often get customers asking how is it made? Or how to use it? The product does sound like something hard to find. It isn’t hard to find – find it here at “The Cheesery”, or the farmers market or ask our other stockists in the Fleurieu Peninsula or in metropolitan Adelaide.

You may be able to impress your friends next Saturday night with a dollop on Roast Garlic and Pumpkin soup, or Sunday afternoon serving it with a Caramelised Apple and Rhubarb Crumble with a dash of icing sugar? Once you have tried Crème Fraiche it will be an essential ingredient in your dairy section of the fridge. It is suitable for making any food taste better in all seasons. In autumn or winter time add it to a soup, goulash or stew. In summer, whip up an easy salad dressing for potatoes or fresh green salad. It makes anything savory taste creamy, but it is light and lemony at the same time. It a fantastic locally made product, and it is delicious.

quick FACTS on crème fraiche

what is crème fraiche? - It is sour cream, or cultured cream. It has a light and lemony taste, and goes well with any food as a condiment. how is crème fraiche made? - At Alexandrina Cheese Company it is made by adding a culture (special bacteria) to our fresh Pure Jersey Cream. It is light and lemony. A good traditional crème fraiche has a subtle tangy, slightly nutty flavour and rich, velvety texture. It adds depth of flavour and creaminess to food without being heavy or overwhelming.

history - it is believed that crème fraiche was first produced in Normandy in France. Traditionally, cream came from the surface of unhomgenised raw milk left in pans at room temperature. It would have become lightly fermented and naturally thickened with the help of lactic acid-producing bacteria present. The resulting crème fraiche gas a distinctive, pleasant mildly acidic flavour with good keeping qualities. Nowadays, with pasteurized milk, the ferments (or special bacteria) are put back into cream to produce crème fraiche.

crème fraiche vs. sour cream - to a degree, crème fraiche and sour cream are interchangeable. However, sour cream won’t give the same depth of flavour and has a harsher acidity, and the dish will have a slightly different consistency. The advantages of using crème fraiche in cooking are that it won’t curdle when heated and it can be lightly whipped like cream and chilled.

storage - always refrigerate crème fraiche. Once opened, keep well covered in its original packaging and use by the best before date.

quick tip: cooking with Crème Fraiche

Stew a pot of crisp apples, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of the apples, and plonk a dollop of crème fraiche on top! Serve with a glass of local Muscat or sticky wine on the weekend. Simply done, a beautiful end to the day.

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Stockist of the Season
Viva North Adelaide
T 8367000


Stockist of the Season
Carousel’s Fruit Barn

T 8296 382


Regional Stockist of the Season
Tanunda Foodland

T 8563 0550


New Stockists

Tony And Mark's
Fruit And Veg, Newton

Tony And Mark's Fruit And Veg is a great fruit and veg shop. The business has recently finished renovating their brand new shop. We would recommend to all, they even have a great range of Italian biscuits and sweets, but go for the range of Alexandrina Cheese they happily stock on their shelves. Five stars for quality, Five stars for service and Five stars for value at Tony And Mark's Fruit And Veg! You can now also source Alexandrina Cheese products, including Crème Fraiche, Pepato, Mini Edam & Edam, Gouda, Fresh Cheddar Curd, Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar, Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar, Marinated Feta – chill, Marinated Feta – mustard seed are just some of our range stocked at Tony And Mark's Fruit And Veg.

For more information:
Shop 25 1 Jan St, Newton South Australia 5074
t (08) 8365 2264— open check.


Lucia’s Fine Foods, Mitcham

Lucia’s Fine Foods Mitcham continues to serve people honest, delicious, simple Italian food. The wonderful cooking of Lucia Rosella has spanned generations and today their customers are the grandchildren of their first customers. Lucia’s Fine Foods and Lucia’s Own products continue the tradition that started it all. Quality seasonal ingredients cooked by traditional methods to the same standards set so many years ago by their grandmother Lucia Rosella. It is food made with love! You can now also source Alexandrina Cheese products, including Pure Jersey Cream, Crème Fraiche, Gouda, Cheddar, Fleurieu Feta are just some of our range stocked at Lucia’s Fine Foods Mitcham.

For more information:
Shop 25 Mitcham Square, 1119 Belair Road, Torrens Park South Australia 5062

t (08) 8271 1522 — open Mon to Wed & Fri 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Thurs 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
Sat 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Sun 11.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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Recipe of the Season
Divine Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Our Recipe of the season features a recipe using our Fresh Cheddar Curd from Leah Grace of South Coast Regional Arts Centre, Goolwa. Not many people will be able to resist this Indian curry!
Thanks Leah!


  • 1 x bunch of fresh silverbeet or spinach, cleaned and separated
  • 1 x inch piece of fresh ginger, chopped
  • 1 x brown onion, chopped
  • a few tablespoons of local olive oil
  • 2 x teaspoons of powdered turmeric
  • ½ x fresh chilli, chopped
  • 1 x 250 gm bag of Alexandrina
    fresh Cheddar Curd
  • 1 x large tomato
  • salt or vegetable stock powder


Rinse and cook spinach in small amount of water, cook till leaves and stems have become very soft. In a fry pan with the olive oil cook the onion for two minutes, add ginger and cooking until the onion is soft and golden, (if using chilli add a half fresh chopped one at this point) add turmeric and when that has become aromatic add the chopped tomato. Add drained spinach, gently stir to combine ingredients sprinkle with some salt or vegetable stock powder, cook on medium heat for 10 minutes to give all the ingredients a chance to settle in together. Turn heat to low and place pieces of curd (8-10) with slight pressure on the spinach. Keep on low and cover with lid to give the curd a chance to soften and warm. If using chilli the curd is a great balance to the heat and bite. If not cheese and spinach are a marriage made in heaven anyway.

Serve as a side dish with your favourite curry or with rice and pappadums as a very satisfying vegetarian meal.

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Jazz with Janet and
the Jerseys a success!

Janet Seidel

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