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Autumn March 2011

WELCOME … from Rebekah

Hi all,

As I write this paragraph, our business is nine years and eleven months old. There is much to reflect on.

I remember our first production run, it is as clear as if it was yesterday. But to my amazement, the days, months, and now years’ have quickly rolled on (aging like a good old cheese)

Dan McCaul, with his wife Krystyna made history when they decided to commission our export quality factory on our dairy farm. Together with Krystyna’s parents George and Cathe, they have been successful dairy farmers since the early seventies. Their involvement and commitment to their business allowed them to take the ultimate risk, a once in a generation leap, to develop one of South Australia’s most successful food manufacturing brands – Alexandrina Cheese Company.

Looking back, the first production run was on Wednesday 10th April 2001, now only one month away from being ten years ago. On that important day, Dan and Krystyna ran the pasteurizer and separator, and eventually one thousand litres of rich creamy milk flowed in to the open vat, for the very first time. After a days hard slog, hours of conversation with Dan’s cheese-making father Kevin & his wife Crystelle, with the sun setting…the first batch of Cheddar curd had been filled into hoops. The cheese was soon to be set into the old traditional turn down press awaiting the maturation room the following day.

The excitement in the process room was like pure magic, mixed in with a tiny-little bit of worry. Questions like…will it work?, what will it taste like?, how long until we can try it?, how can we improve the quality? Over the last ten years, both time and patience have been our very dear friends.

Well, we all know the answer – yes the Cheddar worked. And so to the other delicious hard style cheeses Edam, Gouda, Romano, Pepato, which we have all grown to love, each season giving different flavours and aromas. And, so to have the awards, giving the team vital recognition and reward for all their hard work.

There are many, many customers, suppliers and friends to thank for our continued success. We delight in seeing you visit at The Cheesery, at the Farmers Market, and of course when you place an order, week after week. We have made countless friends through our journey in this business, and we sincerely thank you!

Of course, the biggest thanks goes to our precious jersey cows, without our herd of cows, we would not have jersey milk, and without jersey milk we would not have made any of the hard style cheeses and luxury dairy products which have been consumed by you in the past decade.

Please help us share our celebrations over the next few months, and continue to keep in touch.

Cheers to the jersey cow, Rebekah McCaul

Image above : From Left, Mr Dan McCaul of Alexandrina Cheese Company receiving certificate and congratulations from World Jersey Cattle Bureau, President Mr Gonzalo Maldonado, February 2011.

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Celebrating 10 years – 2001 to 2011
                              logoCelebrating 10 years – 2001 to 2011

Alexandrina Cheese Company is proud to celebrate 10 years of production and valued service to the South Australian dairy industry in 2011.

Alexandrina Cheese Company continue to be leading makers’ of jersey milk hard style cheeses and luxury dairy products in Australia. Of note particular note is their nationally and internationally awarded Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar, and Australian Grand Dairy Award (2004) winning Champion Pure Jersey Cream. Over the past decade Dan and Krystyna McCaul & team have carved out a leading position in the niche-gourmet specialty cheese market, servicing Adelaide and Melbourne, and also Sydney and Brisbane.

Celebrations kick off on Sunday 10th April, please watch the calendar for special events during the year. For more information - www.alexandrinacheese.com.au

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More celebrations –
Oceanic Jersey Cheese Awards 2011

Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar named Supreme Winner in New Zealand

More celebrations – Oceanic Jersey
                            Cheese Awards 2011 Alexandrina Cheese has continued its award-winning ways, scooping the pool at the Oceanic Jersey Cheese Awards held in New Zealand in February. The local family company scored two Gold Medals, two Silver and a Bronze medal, and its Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar was named Supreme Winner over all classes in the Oceanic/Asia region.

More celebrations – Oceanic Jersey
                            Cheese Awards 2011

On Sunday 14 February 2011, Dan and Krystyna McCaul, attended the awards held in conjunction with the World Jersey Conference – Hooked on Jerseys, Hamilton, New Zealand. Krystyna McCaul, Director said “It’s the only competition for cheeses made exclusively with jersey milk, so it’s the only way of benchmarking ourselves against other jersey cheesemakers,” she said.

At this event, the McCauls’ won Gold for their Encounter Bay Edam and Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar; Silver for the Fleurieu Feta and Mt Magnificent Gouda,and Bronze for the James Flat Pepato. Krystyna McCaul, Director said Krystyna wins“The chief judge Neil Willman, was well known for not handing out medals lightly”, adding further “It made the win all the sweeter” Other highlights of the McCaul’s trip included visits to dairy farms in the Hamilton region and interacting with dairy farmers from around the world. Krystyna McCaul, Director said “We talked to people from Denmark, France, Brazil, and North America”, adding further “A keynote speaker was a jersey cheese-maker from Mozambique.” After a taste of travel the McCauls are keen to attend future international conferences, but it all depends on getting away from the jersey herd and the business. Krystyna McCaul, Director said “Our family and staff really stepped up and did an awesome job looking after things while we were away”.

World Jersey Awards

Award winning cheeses; Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar, Encounter Bay Edam, Fleurieu Feta, Mt Magnificent Gouda and James Flat Pepato are available from our selected stockists and from The Cheesery, Sneyd Road, Mt Jagged.

PRESS RELEASE Monday 14 February 2011 (PDF icon PDF 28 KB)

Image above : From Left, Mr Dan McCaul and Mrs Krystyna McCaul of Alexandrina Cheese Company, with Neil Willman, Neil Willman. Cheese Consultant and Educator. Head Judge of OJCA and Sue Arthur of Over the Moon Cheese, New Zealand.

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Fiddles on the FarmFiddles on the Farm @
Alexandrina Cheese Company

(Download flyer PDF icon PDF 1 MB)

Fiddles on the Farm –
This Sunday March 20 2011

The Fiddles on the Farm concert series will be on the third Sunday of autumn and spring in 2011. Join us for live music on the third SUNDAY of the month SUNDAY 20 March, SUNDAY 17 April & SUNDAY 22 May flaming good musical fun! Autumn at Alexandrina Cheese is filled with fiddles! The music always starts at 1pm, featuring local folk musicians “The Ryebuck Sheilas”. This band pull together four talented Fleurieu Peninsula based folk artists to play a sweep of traditional folk songs. You will hear violin, guitar, mandolin, and amazing voices! Join us at Alexandrina Cheese for a warm and toasty autumnal afternoon, and relax on our new outdoor seating under the new verandah.

• Local wine by the glass or sip on a bottle of premium apple cider!
• Soup on Sunday, served crème fraiche & Andy’s panini bread.
• Ploughman’s Lunch platters are made fresh.
• Three platters to choose from – Pickers’ Plate, Cheese Makers’ Choice, & Fleurieu Feast.
• Alexandrinashire Tea, baked ricotta cheese cake served with an espresso, tea or milkshake.

Entry to the concert is FREE, bookings are ESSENTIAL.
Please book a table by phoning Rebekah on T 8554 9666.

Lazy Sundays @ Alexandrina Cheese Company
Be sure to pencil in the next Fiddles on the Farm concerts April 17, May 22.

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Welcome to the Alexandrina Team!
Welcome Meagan to the Retail & Tourism Team!

We welcome Meagan to the retail team of Alexandrina Cheese Company.
Over the last few weeks of induction, Meagan has experienced many enthusiastic cheese customers, new interactions and new emotions. Meagan Harrison Her experience in retail and hospitality has been highly valuable to us during the weekdays. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to work with us in the Retail and Tourism team, and we can only envisage that you will become addicted to Alexandrina Cheese in the coming months! We can imagine that the first few shifts were fun and yet scary as you found your way around, learning new tasks, acquiring new skills, gathering information and get to know us and the other retail team members. We will love to watch each employee grow…and we look forward to working with you Meagan!

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Cittaslow Goolwa Food and Wine Group
2nd Gourmet Breakfast a success!
Adelaide Good Food and Wine Show

Congratulations to everyone involved in the planning and execution of the Cittaslow Goolwa Food and Wine Group 2nd Gourmet Breakfast, held last Sunday at the Wooden Boat Festival. The event was a huge success, as was the whole festival! The amazing Food & Wine team worked as well as we have ever witnessed in delivering the Gourmet Breakfast, and you all did Cittaslow Goolwa very proud! Well done everyone!

A big thank you is directed to the 102 participants who willing trusted our group to provide them with a hearty local breakfast. And, thanks to all of those participants who made the effort to pre-register and arrive early on Sunday morning. The room was full of talking, laughter and conviviality, and this is exactly what our Food and Wine Group strives to achieve – enjoying local food and wine together!

“Thanks for the great breakfast at
                              Goolwa at the Wooden Boat Festival.

Some proof of our success is one of the guests, who kindly wrote to me via email today; “Thanks for the great breakfast at Goolwa at the Wooden Boat Festival. I like the idea of the Cittaslow movement now I understand more about it. We really enjoyed the breakfast, met some very interesting people at our table and had wonderful food. Well done to you and your team. The food was yummy as well. Say hello to all of your 69 jersey cows from me! Jennifer” Now, all we need to do is celebrate our success!

Cittaslow Goolwa Food & Wine

So, without further ado, the next Cittaslow Goolwa Food & Wine Gathering will be held in late March 2011. Save the date: Wednesday night @ Blue’s Restaurant, Middleton. 30th March 2011, 6.15pm arrival for 7pm meal. This gathering will be drinks and an informal dinner to be held at Blue’s Restaurant (drinks & dinner at your own expense). The location of Blue’s Restaurant is 1 Charles Street, Middleton SA 5213. If you wish to stay for dinner, please RSVP to Rebekah (T 8554 9605) – by the latest on Monday 28th March 2011. We are looking forward to catching up with you at the end of the month.

Info and Contacts: Lyn Clark
president@cittaslowgoolwa.com.au | www.cittaslowgoolwa.com.au

There’s nothing like Alexandrina Cheese
                      Company” slogan

There’s nothing like Alexandrina Cheese
                      Company” logo

In this Issue:

Upcoming Markets

Willunga Farmers Market logo

Willunga Farmers Market
stallhoders every fortnight

We are at the WFM every fortnight! The market opens at 8am until 12:30pm, in the Willunga Town Square, Willunga, Fleurieu Peninsula. You will find our smiley faces on Kell St, up what we call “Dairy Lovers Lane!” We take the full range of hard style cheeses and luxury dairy products to the market.

This is the place for Saturday morning socializing – get dressed up, bring your best shopping basket, and join in on the amazing Coming Events which are aimed at helping consumers being able to literally ‘meet the grower and taste the region".

Saturday March 26
Saturday April 9
Saturday April 23 (Easter Market)
Saturday May 7
Saturday May 21

Saturdays from 8am - 12:30pm
in Willunga Town Square.
Remember to buy local, support
local at the Willunga Farmers Market.


Adelaide Showground Farmers Market

Adelaide Showground Farmers Market
We are at the ASFM every Sunday!
(except during Adelaide Show time).

The market opens at 9am until 1pm, at the Adelaide Showground, Leader Street, Goodwood. You will find Alexandrina Cheese in the Pavilion tasting hard style cheeses and luxury dairy products, every single week!

See you there for Sunday morning socializing, it is just one place you will find both producers and people who enjoy fresh, seasonal and regional food.

We will see you at the special Easter ASFM on April 20, 2011.


In the Season ... Autumn

Product of the Season
Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar

Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar

Type: Mature hard Jersey cow milk, cloth bound cheddar

Jersey cows’ milk, pasteurised

Traditional, natural animal rennet
made by Dan McCaul, third generation

Alexandrina Cheese Company, Mt Jagged, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. The dairy farm is situated in the upper catchment of Currency Creek (average rainfall is 950mm pa). The farm is near to wine regions of McLaren Vale & Langhorne Creek featuring ancient ironstone laterite soils.

Flavour & texture:
Firm, smooth texture with nutty, savoury and buttery flavour. A beautifully matured closed textured, cloth-rinded Jersey milk Cheddar, with a light tawny colour, and a delightful sensory nose, aged for 9 -12 months. This Cheddar has an intricate and well developed flavour profile. This cheese waits patiently on the wooden cheese boards to mature, and this allows for development of the texture and gentle sharpness of this Cheddar. This red wax Cheddar is a ‘must’ for any serious cheese plate.

Handmade cheese from our farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula: South Australia, Alexandrina Cheese Company is situated amidst a working jersey dairy farm located in Mount Jagged, near Mount Compass, in the heart of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. The McCaul family have been producing hard style cheeses and luxury dairy products since 2001. This dairy produce uses the highest quality milk produced by a single herd of their own Jersey cows, as jersey milk is renowned for its full flavour and rich creamy quality. This handmade produce is made using traditional methods supported with the combined knowledge of four generations of farmers and cheese makers.

Awarded recently…

2010 SA Dairy Awards Silver Medal
2009 SA Dairy Awards Silver Medal
2008 SA Dairy Awards Silver Medal
2007 CheeseFest07 Gold Medal
Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar has been a multi-award winning cheese since 2002

Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar (PDF icon PDF 448 KB)

Find out more about our range, click here!

Alexandrina Cheese Company
Sneyd Road, Mt Jagged I South Australia


Stockist of the Season
Mt Barker Fresh

7 Morphett Street, Mt Barker

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Upcoming Tastings Demonstrations

Brighton Fresh Fruiters – March 26

Country Meat Company – April 2

Viva Fine Foods – Burnside –
April 7, April 14, April 21

Lettuce Inn Southgate Plaza – April 16

Viva Fine Foods – North Adelaide – April 23

Stirling Fruit Mart – April 30

Stockist List

Recipe of the Season
Baked Apple Cheesecake,
Polish style


Baked Apple Cheesecake,  Polish style

500g Alexandrina ricotta cheese
5 medium sized Alexandrina apples.
125g Alexandrina crème fraiche (or soft butter)
100g sugar.
1/2 tsp vanilla essence.
1/2 tsp salt.
4 egg, beaten
2 tb sp semolina.
75g raisins.
1/2 tsp cinnamon.
300 ml tub Alexandrina pure jersey cream

Method: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Peel, core and cut the apples into quarters. Grease the bottom and sides of a 20cm round baking dish with butter. Cover the bottom of the dish with the apple pieces. Beat the crème fraiche (or softened butter) with the sugar until fluffy. Add the vanilla essence, salt and beaten eggs. Mix well. Add the soft cheese and mix well to combine. Finally stir in the semolina, raisins and cinnamon. Pour the mixture over the apples, then place the baking dish in the oven. Bake for 30-40 minutes, keeping an eye on it to ensure the top and sides don't burn. If the cake starts to go brown on the top too early in the cooking process, reduce the oven temperature slightly. Set the cheesecake aside to cool before serving.

Serving: Dust the cheesecake with icing sugar and serve with a dollop of Pure Jersey Cream.

* Alexandrina apples are available from Alexandrina Cheese during March and April.

Easter hampers to
tempt the cheese and
chocolate lover!

Easter Hampers

Easter Hamper Flyer (PDF 486 KB) PDF icon
Easter Hamper Details (PDF 81 KB) PDF icon
Hamper Order Form (PDF 67 KB) PDF icon

During Autumn, we love to find our kitchen full of autumn cheeses and dairy products to cook up a storm for family and friends who visit over the long weekend, and during the April School holidays. This Easter we have designed a new set of Easter hampers to tempt the cheese and chocolate lover!

Cheese lovers - simply click on the Cheese Hamper pdfs above to find more information.

Chocolate lovers - if you are interested in adding chocolate to your cheese hamper. Chocolate additions include; Kennedy & Wilson Easter eggs (milk, dark and white) individually priced per egg. Please ask for more information about the addition of chocolate in your cheese hamper.

More Events

Fiddles on the Farm @
Alexandrina Cheese Company
Sunday 19th September

(Download flyer PDF icon PDF 2.9 MB)


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