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Spring September 2010

WELCOME … from Rebekah

Hi all,

With spring on our door step, I sit here with my mother and my maternal Grandmother drinking a cup of tea (we have stopped to smell the flowers, so to speak!). We should be cracking a bottle of fizz to celebrate the team’s success at the South Australian Dairy Awards 2010 (read about the Champion Farmhouse Cheese award below!).

My maternal Grandmother often quotes different little sayings, and I wanted to record the one she often recites,

“Spring is sprung , the grass is ris. I wonder where the birdies is !”

We think it is an old poem which is often attributed to poet Cummings or even by poet Nash, but it is anonymously penned. We think it is known as "Spring in the Bronx". My maternal Great Grandmother’s always recited this poem to her daughters and she was born in 1902 in Kent, England, and we think her mother taught it to her. We like to hear Nan say it because it rings a cord with our ancestry and lets us know that spring is on the way. It also encompasses our delight in the seasonal changes, and the onset of spring calving of the jersey cows!

With that, enjoy this bumper edition of our eNews – Curds & Whey – Spring 2010, and enjoy eating Alexandrina Cheese! Because, we love making it and presenting our products to the market place.

Lastly, for another verse to add to your collection …

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
I wonder where the birdie is?
There he is up in the sky,
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!!

I‘m alright, I won’t cry,
I’m just glad that jersey cows can’t fly!

~ Author Unknown ~

Spring has sprung, so hop out and dance in the sunshine!

With a cheesey grin, Rebekah McCaul

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Family tradition holds strong 40 years on … South Australia Dairy Awards 2010 - Royal Adelaide Show 2010

PRESS RELEASE Friday 3 September 2010
Family tradition holds strong 40 years on …
South Australia Dairy Awards 2010 - Royal Adelaide Show 2010

Encounter Bay Edam wins Champion Farmhouse Cheese 2010
2010 South Australian Dairy Awards - Catalogue of Results (PDF PDF icon 1.2 MB)

Family tradition holds strong 40 years on…

Alexandrina Cheese Company’s principal cheese-maker Dan McCaul can be proud of his achievements this year at the South Australian Dairy Awards in 2010. The Champion Farmhouse Cheese Trophy has been awarded to the company’s premium Encounter Bay Edam cheese. This announcement certainly acknowledges a family tradition of great Edam cheese-makers, over forty years of tradition and two generations of cheese-makers.

Family tradition holds strong 40 years on… South Australia Dairy Awards 2010 Royal Adelaide Show 2010Kevin McCaul, Dan’s father is the only other Australian cheese-maker to have won a Champion ribbon with an Edam cheese. Kevin McCaul’s trophy was awarded at the Dairy Industry Association Australia Factory Manager’s Conference, Mt Gambier, in the1970s.

The McCaul Family are delighted to announce receiving 11 prizes from 14 show entries in the prestigious South Australian Dairy Awards in 2010;

Dan McCaul AwardsWinner of Champion Farmhouse Cheese Trophy for the Encounter Bay Edam
Including Gold Medal (Class 18 - 94 points) / Gold Medal (Class 7 - 94 points)

Top Gold Medal for Pure Jersey Cream (Class 40 – 94.5 points)

The company picked up Silver Medals, in total seven silver medals.
Including for the Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar (Class 4 – 93 points), Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar (Class 5 – 93 points & (Class 18 – 93 points), Mt Magnificent Gouda (Class 7 – 93 points & Class 18 – 93 points), Fleurieu Feta (Class 14 – 93.5 points), Encounter Bay Edam (Class 18 – 94 points), Mt Magnificent Gouda – Caraway (Class 18 – 93 points), Pure Jersey Cream (Class 40 – 94.5 points) and Crème Fraiche (Class 42 – 93 points).

Alexandrina Cheese logoMedia Contact:
Rebekah McCaul, Marketing Manager
T: +61 8 8554 9666
E: info@alexandrinacheese.com.au
Buy local, Support local, Eat Alexandrina Cheese.

Media Notes: You will be able to see the Encounter Bay Edam and Pure Jersey Cream on display in the Dairy Hall at RAS. The range of Alexandrina Cheese hard style and luxury dairy products are available from The Cheesery (8 km south of Mt Compass), from our wonderful stockists South Australian wide. The range is also available at three local farmers markets; Willunga Farmers Market (fortnightly), Victor Harbor Farmers Market (seasonally) and the Adelaide Showground’s Farmers Market each week. www.alexandrinacheese.com.au

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Guest Chef of the Season

Guest Chef Chris StephanAs a food consultant and stylist, Chris Stephan is an important advocate for South Australia’s food and hospitality industry. Chris is a member of the Australian Culinary Federation. Her business, Pen & Palate, works with a diverse range of international and local clients to promote products, plan menus, develop recipes and style food. Chris is driven by a passion for local produce. Chris Stephan can be contacted via email cstephan@adam.com.au.

Chris has kindly agreed to be our Guest Chef for Spring, and has shared her wisdom in the following interview with Rebekah McCaul, Marketing Manager of Alexandrina Cheese.

Please tell us about your best recent South Australian regional dining experience? Because of the nature of my work I am very fortunate to eat at many different restaurants around the state. These vary from well established to new restaurants just feeling their way in this competitive market. One of my most memorable experiences are having freshly cooked King George whiting in the park at Normanville with family on a rug, overlooking the pristine coast line, how lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place in the world.

Please tell us about your must buy Alexandrina Cheese ingredient? Oh, I have a few must buys, but the first on the list is a bag of Fresh Cheddar Curds to nibble on the way home then it is the beautiful Pure Jersey Cream and Creme Fraiche.

Please tell us about another Dairy Product you can’t live without? Feta, There are many applications for feta, it is a great stand-by to have on hand, the Marinated Fetas are a great addition to the store cupboard.

Please tell us about a time you had to cook a meal for your family in 30 minutes? Sometimes I think this is the case most days, many home makers now juggle a busy work/life schedule so often meals are pulled together in a short space of time. Everyone has a recipe repertoire that is called on for these occasions, it could be the favourite stir fry, a warm chicken salad, the family pasta dish. This is where I like to have some store cupboard/freezer items that can be drawn on, a good bolognese sauce in the freezer, tinned tomatoes and beans in the pantry, frozen home made stock for a risotto.

Please tell us about your favourite producer (other than Alexandrina Cheese!)? We are now seeing an emergence of South Australian cheese makers, I do enjoy eating and cooking with goats cheese whether it be soft or matured.

Please tell us if you could dress any way you want, what would you wear in the kitchen? The chefs uniform has been designed over the years to accommodate safety, changes in temperature and hygiene, however when not in the professional kitchen, on most occasions you would find me in the kitchen in comfortable casual wear with an apron on and a tea towel tucked in and a good sharp cook's knife in hand.

Please tell us about your biggest mistake when you were an apprentice chef? Using powder gelatin and combining the mixture into a cold mixture - disaster looming!!

Please tell us with all the focus on ‘Masterchef’, who is your favourite judge & why? I love the intense palate of Matt Preston; the humble nature of Margaret Fulton, the professional expertise of Matt Moran.

Please tell us about your last supper? I desperately hope that I never will know which supper is my last supper so every meal should be a place of sharing the love, for the food and the people that you are with. I love all things food accompanied by South Australian wine. Food does not need to be complicated, but by using the best quality produce that one can afford, prepared to showcase the ingredients flavour profile, enjoyment can be found in something as simple as a freshly picked tree-ripened apricot to a culinary master piece of molecular gastronomy!

We hope you have enjoyed reading all about Chris Stephans our Guest Chef of the Season. Thanks Chris for sharing your passion, you definitely “approach love and cooking with reckless abandon” (quote from Dalai Lama).

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Welcome to the Alexandrina Team!

Hannah Alexandrina TeamWelcome Hannah to the Retail & Tourism Team!

We welcome Hannah to the retail team of Alexandrina Cheese Company. Over the last twelve weeks of probation, Hannah has experienced many enthusiastic cheese customers, new interactions and new emotions. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to work with us in the Retail and Tourism team, and we can only envisage that you will become addicted to Alexandrina Cheese in the coming months! We can imagine that the first few shifts were fun and yet scary as they found their way around, learn new tasks, acquire new skills, gather information and get to know us and the other retail team members. We will love to watch each employee grow…and we look forward to working with you Hannah!

Chole Alexandrina TeamWelcome Chloe to
the Wholesale Team!

Chloe’s role will be on the Wholesale Tasting Demonstration Team, working with our many stockists. Chloe is perfect for this role, as her experience working in the Retail and Tourism Team over the last five years has put her in good stead. She is one capable young lady, who has the world at her feet. It will be fantastic see her out and about giving customers all over South Australia the chance to taste our hard-style cheeses and dairy products! Welcome Chloe, we will miss you on the farm.

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Rico Coffee logo

In the School Holidays …Spring

Alexandrina Cheese Coffee Club! - Wicked Wednesday!
Launch of Coffee Club!!

Shannon Fitzgerald of Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism with Sophie Clelland of AdelaideJoin our new Coffee Club! Contact us for an Alexandrina Cheese Coffee Club Membership Form or sight up online! Become a member of the new Alexandrina Cheese Coffee Club for big rewards and great tasting coffee made with full cream jersey milk. Come and join in on all the fun, especially on Wednesday for Wicked Wednesday during Spring! Book yourself and your friends in for Coffee Club at ‘The Cheesery’ on Wednesday. Indulge in an Alexandrinashire Tea $7.70, per person for a standard coffee, tea or milkshake served with cake. Bookings essential, please call T 8554 9666. More information email info@alexandrinacheese.com.au. Alexandrina Cheese Company, farm-gate, Sneyd Road, Mt Jagged, 8 km south of Mt Compass. OPEN weekdays 12noon until 5pm weekends 10-4:30pm.

buy LOCAL support LOCAL eat REGIONAL

Alexandrina Cheese Coffee Club! - Wicked Wednesday! Launch of Coffee Club!!Wicked Wednesday during Spring! Be sure to organise the gals for Wicked Wednesday in during Spring! Prizes galore - every Wednesday each coffee, tea or milkshake to be ordered will receive a special raffle ticket! We will have Rio Coffee (250gm bags) and Alexandrina Cheese Produce Vouchers (RRP $10) to give away each week!

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Rock and Roll Festival – Sunday Sept 19 2010

Rock and Roll Festival
Sunday Sept 19 2010

On the way to Victor Harbor drop into Alexandrina for an old style milkshake!

Pull out the blue suede shoes and dust off your dancing jacket. Victor Harbor is set to rock to the sounds of the Toop and Toop Rock n Roll Festival 2010.

With two stages, two large dance floors and loads of vehicles on display, and evening functions and car cruises taking place all over the weekend, expect the southern coastal town to burst alive. South Australia's best Rock n Roll and Rock bands will be performing over the weekend.

1950's vehicles on show, including Hot Rods, Classic Cars and Motorbikes.

Milkshake at Alexandrina CheeseIt should be a great weekend, but remember to stop
into Alexandrina Cheese for an old style milkshake.

Click here for the full program.

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World Cittaslow Day Sept 26 2010

Adelaide Good Food and Wine Show"World Cittaslow Day - Goolwa"
Sunday 26 September 2010
Signal Point, Goolwa Wharf
Hours: 10am – 4pm

Main theme:
Launch of new Cittaslow Centre in Goolwa

Brief description of activities:
A series of activities and displays showcasing Cittaslow in Action in Goolwa. Local food and wine produce, children’s activities, music and entertainment in the newly developed Signal Point building at Goolwa Wharf. Launch of Cittaslow Centre to promote Cittaslow in the Alexandrina Council region.

Info and Contacts: Lyn Clark
president@cittaslowgoolwa.com.au | www.cittaslowgoolwa.com.au

Cittaslow SUNDAY

1st International Day
of good slow living

Cittaslow International organizes an international event to promote universal of the "concepts" as well as "projects" which represent the reality and the idea of being Cittaslow. President, Gian Luca Marconi establishes the first world Cittaslow Day to talk and let people know about us. During this day, to be repeated every year, all Cittaslows can propose and organize one or more own local initiative in order to promote and disseminate the concepts for a collective action.

We have to respect and love the Earth, our "Mother Earth", as Carlo Petrini asserts, and this is possible if everyone realizes the Cittaslow projects, day by day, all of us, mayor of Cittaslow towns, citizens and guest travellers, entrepreneurs and policy makers – by carrying one’s contribution to make a "cleaner, better, fairer" world. The issues are the same as Cittaslow: environmental policies(energy, transport – bicycle and pedibus – , climate change, use and defence of the soil, valorisation of the landscape, biodiversity, etc.); social politics (inclusion, social responsibility, education, identity, etc.), the agriculture and the local production (Co-production, Terra Madre, Presidi Slow Food, Mercati della Terra, Comunità del Cibo, ecc. ), sustainable tourism, citizens’ awareness to be a positive counter-culture, even more necessary nowadays, when the system crisis interweave the 3 Fs (fuel-food-finance) with another crisis(relations, value and perspectives of well being), damaging the life of the future generations. "Slow future" is our perspective for the mayors, the citizens and the partners of the 130 associated Cittaslow, scattered in 20 different countries. "Slow Future" is the proposal for a "positive contamination" regarding the little Cittaslow, the big metropolis and the entire society, with positive effects on the overall ecologic imprint of the world human activities.

Commitments: The events are totally organized and financed at local level but receive the good support by Cittaslow international means. (web portal, blog, International press agency, papers, graphic designs, etc.). cultural exchanges among different people, social inclusion and solidarity projects, conferences with scientist and experts operating in some sectors concerning the Cittaslow action.

The plus: Cittaslow International will make available one logo of the manifestation in order to promote the Cittaslow SunDay, consisting in a technical code to realize banners, flags, posters, brochures, balls, notebooks and other promotional gadgets. There will be some web pages to follow the event – before, during after – with photo gallery, video clips, interviews, etc., by using all the available social networks too.


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17th October 2010

CheeseFest, Adelaide's premium cheese festival returns to Rymill Park, Adelaide on Sunday 17 October 2010. After last year's record crowds, the opening hours have been extended from 11 am to 6 pm which means extra time for cheese lovers to enjoy the delicious array of South Australian and interstate cheeses on offer as well as an extensive variety of SA food and wine.

For the first time Coles have partnered as major naming right sponsor and they will have a covered picnic area where people can sit, sample cheese and enjoy the ambience of the day. A feature this year are The Smelly Cheese Shop Masterclasses which will be held across the road at The Stag Hotel. On the program are cheese and cider matching as well as a cheese sensory masterclass.

Back in Rymill Park the Miele Celebrity Chef Marquee will be popular with celebrity chefs such as Michael Angelakis and Simon Bryant conducting cooking demonstrations using cheese. This family-friendly event includes musical entertainment by Chad Romero's Cabernet Cabaret and for the children, face painting, clowns and circobats.

Tickets are now on sale for $15 through Venuetix.
www.cheesefest.com.au and 'Like' us on our new Facebook site www.facebook.com.au/cheesefestsa. Alexandrina Cheese encourage you to book your tickets through Venuetix.

Experience a taste of Alexandrina Cheese at CheeseFest 2010
Meet the maker at Alexandrina Cheese Company’s stall, and taste the range of hard style cheeses. And, after last year's success the picnic packs will be back. If you are looking for a picnic lunch – Alexandrina Cheese will have two options, “Cheese for Chicks” picnic pack & “Cheese for Dudes” picnic pack; Both packs host Alexandrina Cheeses & regional foods to match with white wine, and the second to match with red-style wines. Click on the link to find the picnic pack menu, and be inspired to join all the fun on Sunday 17 October at CheeseFest10.

There’s nothing like Alexandrina Cheese Company” slogan

There’s nothing like Alexandrina Cheese Company” logo

In this Issue:

"There's nothing like tasting Champion Farmhouse Cheese - Encounter Bay Edam."

"There's nothing like tasting a full cream jersey milkshake."

"There's nothing like talking to Dan the cheese maker..."

"There's nothing like Cittaslow Goolwa Food & Wine Group.”

"There's nothing like attending Goolwa Alive.”

"There's absolutely nothing like attending CheeseFest10.”

"There's nothing like hearing The Ryebuck Sheila’s play at ‘Fiddles on the Farm’.”

Upcoming Markets

Only 10 Farmers Markets to go!

Willunga Farmers Market logo

Willunga Farmers Market -
stallholders every fortnight

Saturday September 18 2010
Saturday October 2 2010
Saturday October 16 2010
Saturday October 30 2010
Saturday November 13 2010
Saturday November 27 2010
Saturday December 11 2010

Saturdays from 8am - 12:30pm
in Willunga Town Square.
Remember to buy local, support
local at the Willunga Farmers Market.

WFM Twilight Market
Saturday December 23 2010
5pm until 9pm


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Victor Harbor Farmers Market - Saturday 3 July 2010

Next seasonal appearance – Saturday 25 Sept 2010

Pencil in our next seasonal
appearance in December.

VHFM Twilight Market
Saturday December 23 2010
5pm until 9pm


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In the Season ... Spring

Product of the Season
Encounter Bay Edam

Product of the Season

Presented in a showy red waxed ball. This cheese has a beautiful silky texture and convey the characteristic round shiny eyes.

Our Edam provides a nutty sweet flavour to the palate. It has a delicate and creamy mouth-feel; with a firm, clean cutting texture.

Encounter Bay Edam has been awarded;

  • South Australian Dairy Awards 2010
  • Gold Medal & Champion Farmhouse Cheese Trophy 2010 Royal Adelaide Show
  • South Australian Dairy Awards 2010
  • Gold Medal Royal Adelaide Show
  • World Jersey Milk Cheese Awards 2010
  • Silver Medal: Second biannual World Jersey Milk Cheese Awards 2010, Jersey Island, UK
  • South Australian Dairy Awards 2008
  • Gold Medal: Farmhouse Cheese 2008 Royal Adelaide Show
  • South Australian Dairy Awards 2008
  • Silver Medal: 2008 Royal Adelaide Show
  • World Jersey Milk Cheese Awards 2008
  • Bronze Medal: Inaugural World Jersey Milk Cheese Awards 2008, Jersey Island UK;
  • South Australian Dairy Awards 2008
  • Silver Medal 2007 Royal Adelaide Show
  • CheeseFest 06 South Australian Speciality Cheese Show
  • Gold Medal 2006 CheeseFest 06.

Find out more about our range, click here!

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how to buy icon
Stockist of the Season
Nola's @ Northpark
Prospect SA 5082‎
(08) 8342 0024

September 11th 2010
Alexandrina Tasting Demonstration
@ Nola's @ Northpark
11am -1pm
Northpark Shopping Centre

how to buy icon
Stockist of the Season
Viva North Adelaide
Shop TO3 , North Adelaide Village
81 O'Connell Street
North Adelaide SA 5006
p: (08) 8367 0001 f: (08) 83670101
Email: enquiries@vivagourmet.com.au

September 11th 2010
Alexandrina Tasting Demonstration
@ Viva North Adelaide
10am -2pm
Northpark Shopping Centre

NOTE: North Adelaide Village
Viva North Adelaide can be found in the North Adelaide Village has a small cafe located in store where you can get a bite for lunch and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Naturally Judy has the fresh deli looking magnificent with a great range of smallgoods, cheeses, meals, antipasto, dips, pates, cakes and lots of groceries and ingredients for your favourite recipes. http://www.vivagourmet.com.au/

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Recipe of the Season

Chickpea couscous salad,  with Encounter Bay Edam

Chickpea couscous salad,
with Encounter Bay Edam

This zesty, easy to make salad recipe combines chick peas, dried fruit, thyme and couscous with Encounter Bay Edam cheese on a bed of watercress.

Rebekah writes; Spring is here, we have all had our fair share of winter root vegetables (thank goodness Spring is here!). Also summer barbeque season is so close, we can almost touch the sunshine. For the month of September, our challenge to you, is to include raw salad into your menu as much as possible, including making this Chickpea couscous salad recipe. We of course, would love to hear from you with other salad, made with Alexandrina Cheese. We would happily feature these in the next edition. Simply email the recipe to info@alexandrinacheese.com.au.

This recipe serves four.


  • 1 can of organic chickpeas, drained
  • 200 gm mixed dried fruit, coarsely chopped (apricots and golden raisins)
  • 2 large cloves of Australian garlic, crushed
  • 4 tbsp. lime juice
  • 4 sprigs freshly picked thyme, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 400 gm precooked tender couscous, drained
  • 200gm Encounter Bay Edam cheese, cubed
  • 1 bunch watercress, shredded
  • 1 tbsp. sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp. lime juice
  • 8 red lettuce leaves


Combine watercress, sunflower oil, lime juice and red lettuce leaves. Arrange red lettuce salad on a salad platter. Combine chickpeas, dried fruit, elephant garlic, lime juice, thyme, salt, cayenne pepper, couscous and Encounter Bay Edam cheese cubes. Mix well. Spoon chickpea mixture onto lettuce salad. Chill for 1/2 hour and serve cold at the next barbeque, with soft buttered rolls found at the Willunga Farmers Market.

Buy local, support local!

More Events

Fiddles on the Farm @
Alexandrina Cheese Company
Sunday 19th September

(Download flyer PDF icon PDF 2.9 MB)

Fiddles on the Farm

Spring has sprung, so hop out and dance in the sunshine on the third Sunday of each month in 2010. Join Alexandrina Cheese for live music on the third SUNDAY of the month SUNDAY 19 Sept, 2010 for flaming good musical fun!

The music always starts at 1pm, featuring local folk musicians “The Ryebuck Sheilas”. This band pull together four talented Fleurieu Peninsula based folk artists to play a sweep of traditional folk songs. You will hear violin, guitar, mandolin, and amazing voices!

Join us at Alexandrina Cheese for a warm and toasty WINTERY afternoon.

  • Local wine by the glass or sip on a bottle of premium apple cider!
  • Soup on Sunday, served crème fraiche & Andy’s panini bread.
  • Ploughman’s Lunch platters are made fresh.
  • Three platters to choose from – Pickers’ Plate, Cheese Makers’Choice, & Fleurieu Feast.
  • Alexandrinashire Tea, baked ricotta cheese cake served with an espresso, tea or milkshake.

Entry to the concert is FREE, bookings are ESSENTIAL. Please book a table by phoning Rebekah on 8554 9666. www.alexandrinacheese.com.au

Spring has sprung, so get out and dance in the sunshine. Lazy Sundays @ Alexandrina Cheese Company.

Pencil in the other dates
for Fiddles on the Farm:
SUNDAY 24 Oct Guest Artist | SUNDAY 19 Nov Ryebuck Sheilas

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Goolwa Alive
Sunday 3rd October 2010
Cadell St & Goolwa Wharf

Encounter Bay Edam winner

Perfect Peninsula Picnic Event to be held in conjunction with Goolwa Alive on 3 October 2010 at Neighbour Reserve Goolwa. Join us for the food and wine offerings!

Fleurieu Peninsula is the ideal region for a picnic. You can spread your blanket on manicured lawns, under historic trees, on sandy foreshores or in untamed bushland!

Fleurieu Food logo

For more information (or interest in holding a stall site at the event) phone T 8552 3013 or email info@fleurieufood.com.au.

Fiesta! in October logo

Find Alexandrina Cheese stall at Goolwa Alive!
On the Sunday of the Labour Day Long Weekend, usually the first in October each year, the Community of Goolwa celebrates the end of the winter season with GOOLWA ALIVE, a community street market.
The next Goolwa Alive celebration will be held on Sunday 3 October 2010.

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Adelaide Good Food & Wine Show Oct 8, 9 & 10yh 2010Adelaide Good Food and Wine Show

Good Food & Wine comes to Adelaide

The Good Food & Wine Show will be held for the first time in Adelaide from 8 to 10 October 2010.

Find Alexandrina Cheese at the Adelaide Good Food and Wine Show with the Fleurieu Food producers, including Talinga Grove, Spice Girlz of McLaren Vale, Brian’s Olives, Hardings Fine Food and Matchett Productions, you will need to look for the Fleurieu Food stand, and watch out for the Perfect Peninsula Picnic.

Australia’s ‘biggest gourmet deli’ is heading to Adelaide. The Good Food and Wine Show, a regular fixture across the rest of the country, will make its long-awaited Adelaide debut in October.

Thousands of people are expected to converge on the Adelaide Showground, Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre at Wayville to discover new tastes and flavours, products and techniques from hundreds of exhibitors.

Adelaide’s own celebrity chef, Simon Bryant will be centre stage in the popular Celebrity Theatre along with George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan (both above), Matt Moran and Tobie Puttock who will all be sharing their favourite culinary creations.

“We are extremely excited to bring
The Good Food & Wine Show to Adelaide, where South Australia’s reputation for outstanding food and wine aligns closely with the features of our show,” says Diversified Exhibitions Australia Show Director, James Laing.

“With the show already established and
successful in other Australian states, it was time to grow into another market where good food and wine is appreciated.”

Show features include:

A dedicated South Australian area showcasing the best of our food and wine. Celebrity chefs appearing live in the Celebrity Theatre with entertaining and insightful demonstrations and practical tips for home kitchens as well as book signing.

Cheese Matters Masterclasses where participants can learn and enjoy different variety cheeses paired with the perfect accompaniments and wine.

Riede Wine Theatre where participants can put their palates to the test and sample some of South Australia’s and Australia’s top wines.

The Riedel Decanter Bar is the place to be seen offering participants tutored wine sessions by a panel of experts, including wine guru Matt Skinner.

Visit the South Australian area, proudly sponsored by PIRSA, where food producers such as Barossa Fine Foods, Charlesworth Nuts, Haighs Chocolates, Lucia’s Fine Foods, Robern Menz and Spring Gully will be on show.

The Taste SA area is another must-see experience and represents some of the state’s smaller producers such as Aunty Joan’s Gourmet Toffee, Bush Tucker Icecream and Sweet n Spicy.

It’s then a short stroll through to the regions with wines from Bird in Hand from the Adelaide Hills, Rolf Binder from the Barossa, Shingleback from McLaren Vale and Cleggett Wines from Langhorne Creek.

Keryn Gorman (left), Manager from Illalangi is another local business who will be showcasing her food products and wine at Adelaide’s Good Food and Wine Show, after their success at the Melbourne Show in June.

“The consumers were food and wine
savvy and enjoyed talking directly
to the producer,” says Keryn.

“We also had strong interest from
trade, both domestic and international and
now we have a lot of following up to do.”

Visit www.goodfoodshow.com.au.

This website and its contents are provided for information purposes only. The content is subject to change without notice. No person may rely on any information contained in this website. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Alexandrina Cheese Company, its officers, service providers and employees disclaim any and all responsibility in respect of this website and any loss or damage suffered or incurred by a person for any reason relying on any of the information provided in this website. www.alexandrinacheese.com.au

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