Alexandrina Cheese Company. Handmade cheeses from our farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.
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Alexandrina Cheese Company. Handmade cheeses from our farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.
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Hard Cheeses




English Style

Compass Farmhouse Cheddar: 3 mths (neutral wax)

Mt Jagged mature Cheddar: 9-12 mths (red wax)

Alexandrina Cheese Company Cheddar: 15-18 mths (black wax)

Try our fresh Cheddar Curds – available in 250g and 500g bags.

A cloth bound rinded Cheddar, made in an open vat using traditional Cheddaring techniques. The Cheddar Curd is stretched, milled and salted and the wheel is pressed in a large hoop. Our Cheddar has an intricate and well developed flavour profile. A grand Cheddar which is aged in our storeroom for the connoisseur of a fine cheese.

Awarded Gold Medals 2002 – 2006. Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar, South Australian Dairy Awards, Royal Adelaide Show.

Chaddar Wheels at Alexandrina Cheese  



Italian Style

Finniss River Romano: Aged 15 mths

James’ Flat Pepato: Aged 15 mths

These cloth bound rinded cheeses are made by stirring the curds in an open vat. The unique flavour comes from the lipase enzymes that are added to the milk, and this matures to give a strong aroma and taste. These hard cheeses are excellent for shaving or grating.

Romano, a close textured Italian style table cheese made from reduced fat Jersey milk.

Pepato, a piquant peppercorn infused Romano style cheese, with a mild pepper flavour profile.

Romano and Pepato Wheels at Alexandrina Cheese  



Dutch Style

Mt Magnificent Gouda

Mt Magnificent Gouda with Caraway

A buttery full cream Jersey milk Gouda showcased in a neutral wax. It has a warm golden colour with a delightful savoury flavour, and a smooth supple texture for slicing. Our Spiced Gouda has a silky texture with a delicate spread of caraway seed, which provides strong aroma and flavour.

Encounter Bay Edam

Mini Edam

Presented in a showy red waxed ball. This cheese has a beautiful silky texture and convey the characteristic round shiny eyes. Our Edam provides a nutty sweet flavour to the palate. It has a delicate and creamy mouth-feel; with a firm, clean cutting texture. Awarded 2006 Gold Medal - CheeseFest 06.

Gouda Wheels and Edam Balls at Alexandrina Cheese  
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