Alexandrina Cheese Company. Handmade cheeses from our farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.
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Jersey Cows at Alexandrina Cheese Company photo
Alexandrina Cheese Company. Handmade cheeses from our farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.


Alexandrina Cheese - Teamimage

A name for each cow.

At Alexandrina Cheese - the most
important employees are the cows!

Meet Our Jersey Cows

  • Making full cream milk.
  • The first step in cheese-making is sourcing beautiful fresh Jersey cows’ milk.
  • Twice per day we milk our eighty cows to make enough of our beautiful milk.
  • We feed our cows fresh grass, milled barley, silage and hay.
  • Our cows are fit, healthy and happy! They calve once per year in either Autumn or Spring, and enter the dairy for a lactation lasting about 300 days per year.
  • Each day they milk on average 20 litres of delightful rich, creamy milk.
  • Worldwide the Jersey cow is renowned for a high content of protein and butterfat.
  • The cows make a perfect milk for cheese-making – it is ‘udderly delicious’!

Our family favourites are –
Beryl, Lorna, Cherish and Blaze

‘S-family’ – Spot, Splodge, Smear, Smudge and Speck

‘Rock-family’– Emerald, Saphire, Diamond and Ruby

‘Z-family – Zeta, Zelda, Zora, Zeilika, Zoe and Zamira..the Z list goes on!”

‘The Rock-Stars’ – Madonna, Whitney Houston and Kylie.

Visitors are welcome to make a suggestion to
“Name a Alexandrina cow”

Meet our Jerseys at Alexandrina Cheese  

Meet another jersey at Alexandrina Cheese

Jersey Breeding Program

At birth they are each given a number and a name.

This helps understand and build the family genetics of the cow herd.

We use a combination of ‘artificial insemination’ and a real life bull! (a male cow) to service our cows.

They usually have one calf per year in Spring or Autumn.

Artificial insemination we have used semen straws from all over the world; including semen from Canada and America.

The aim is to get a taller framed cow, who has a capacity to eat well and produce a greater quantity of milk.

Some cows can produce up to 30 L per day!

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